Personal Injury

Car Accidents, Construction Accidents, Slip & Fall, Premises Liability, Defective Products


Accounting, Dental, Legal, Medical and Engineering


Assisting family members with battles for proponents or objectants.



Every case is reviewed to determine the best plan of attack to produce the fastest and highest collection of your medical bills.

$2.7 Million: Car Crash
$2.5 Million: Construction Injury
$1.5 Million: Motor Vehicle Accident
$1.4 Million: Medical Malpractice
$1.4 Million: Assault
$1.25 Million: Accounting Malpractice
$1.2 Million: Slip and Fall in Office
$1.2 Million: Will Contest
$1 Million: Pedestrian Hit by Car
$800,000: Bus Crash Injury

Richard Dubi featured on ‘The Insurance Lawyer’ podcast:

Richard Dubi featured on The Insurance Lawyer podcast: 🎙️Evan Schwartz, host of “The Insurance Lawyer” podcast, recently sat down with Richard Dubi, the esteemed founder of Law Offices of Richard A. Dubi, PC, to discuss all things Personal Injury. With over 34 years of experience, Richard shed light on the current trends in Personal Injury
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Richard Dubi of Airing on The Balancing Act

WATCH >> Richard Dubi of on The Balancing Act Local New York When legal aid is required, what you need most is someone you can trust. Life is full of unplanned events and unfortunately, as much as we try to control our environment, there’s always a chance of having an unforeseen accident that may
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Understanding Ladder Injury Cases

In 2017, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission estimated that nearly 269,000 Americans were treated for ladder-related injuries.  Spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and electrocutions are among the known risks of ladder use.  These injuries frequently cause death and permanent disability. Home improvement projects, building construction, and basic household tasks such as washing windows,
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